SWCC Tweets

SWCC... effective at 1200 today, 10/11, the National Preparedness Level is 3 (PL-3).

SWCC... effective today, 10/02, the National Preparedness Level is 2 (PL-2).

Deer Creek (NM-SNF), located 5 mi SW of Jemez Springs, NM, est 88 acres, 1 T-1 CRW, 1 OH Suppression Module filled.

Navajo Mtn 1 (AZ-NAA), est 500 acres, additional AA, T-2 HEL, T-1/2IA CRW on order.

SWCC ... effective 9/18 at 1400, the National Preparedness Level dropped to 4 (PL-4).

New: Navajo Mtn 1 (AZ-NAA), 100+ac, 30 mi E/NE of Page, AZ, T-1 HEL, T-2 HEL, AA, T-1 CRW on order.

SWA IMT1 Team 2 (Pierson, IC) has been ordered for the Eagle Creek (OR-CGF). Date/Time Needed - 9/07 1800

SWA IMT Team 1 (Day, IC) has been ordered for the Whitewater (OR-WIF). Date/Time Needed - 8/25/17, 1900PST.

Correction on IMT Team ordered for 2017 Northern Rockies IMT Staging, Southwest Area Team 4, Bales has been ordered.

New; Southwest Area Team 2, Pierson has been ordered for Milli 0843 CS, OR-DEF-000843.

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